Web of Spider-man Issues 1-15


The first volume of Web of Spider-Man published by Marvel Comics for 129 issues between April 1985 and October 1995.[1] It replaced Marvel Team-Up as the third major Spider-Man title of the time. 

The series was launched with an April 1985 cover-dated issue by writer Louise Simonson and penciler Greg LaRocque[3] and featured the return of Spider-Man’s alien black costume, which attempted to rebond with Peter Parker. Peter managed to rid himself of the costume again using church bells and the alien was presumed to have died after that. The first issue featured a cover painting by artist Charles Vess.[4]

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The first 15 issues of Web of Spider-Man from April 1985 written by Louise Simonson and penciler Greg LaRocque with an amazing iconic cover painting by artist Charles Vess.

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