As we reopen our doors we want you to know we’re taking every precaution necessary. 

Here are some of the safety measures we are taking to make sure you stay safe when you shop.

  1. Every customer and employee must wear a mask. – We will place a white table in front of the store with hand sanitizer and masks, in case someone does not have one. Staff will be on hand during every shift enforcing this rule standing at the front door. We will also have signs placed around the store to remind everyone to stay six feet apart as well.
  2. We have no touch hand sanitizing stations placed around the store for you to use.
  3. The back door will be open with a fan blowing air out to provide additional ventilation.
  4. We will keep the second floor closed to the public for the next two weeks as we get a hang of this new way of doing business and so employees can use the room for breaks.
  5. Every employee will pay 10 min breaks every hour on the second floor so they can remove your mask and relax.
  6. We have placed blue social distance stickers by the register to ensure everyone stays apart from each other at check out.
  7. The take out window is fully operational we will encourage any customer to use it.
  8. The bathrooms will be closed and all countertops and spaces where customers touch will also be cleaned as soon as they leave.
  9. All the tables have been removed from the store and will be placed on the patio to ensure safe spacing.
  10. All drinks are to go or can drink outside on the patio. No one will be allowed to drink beverages inside.
  11. We will only allow 8 people in the store at a time.

The most important thing to remember during this time is to stay safe, and if at any time you do not – please let us know.

Our take out window is located to the right of the main door. There is a doorbell you can ring, or you can call the shop to place your orders by calling 314-802-7090. You can also visit our new and improved website to place orders and we can deliver them to you at the take out window. 

We are all in this together and I want to thank you all again for helping support this shop during this extremely weird time.

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