We will not reopen the store next week to customers. In fact, we’re not going to open the store until our region sees a steady decline in COVID-19 cases, and probably not even after that.

Our first priority is keeping our staff and customers healthy and the risk is too great at this moment to open the doors. Comics are tactile, you have to pick them up and flip through them. You look at a cover and pass it to a friend. It goes back on the shelf. There are too many points of infection and we did not see a safe or economic method around that.

What does this mean? Well, we’re going to have to get better at selling items online and making deliveries. We’re going to have to overhaul our website, create better online content to keep you aware of what we have and we’re going to have to get really great at communicating to you all through all the available online channels. Furthermore, we’re going to create a walk-up window so you can order beers and pick up snacks and comics on your evening walks.

To make this transition we’re going to need a little bit of help. First’ we’re going to convert the store to a more long term warehouse type set up to process orders and create content. We need one extra computer to make this happen, something with an i7 processor, with 16gb ram or greater and runs at least a windows 10. If you have an extra computer you can spare we would grateful for your donations and will set you up with a store discount.

Once that is in place we need your help sharing our content so we keep meeting new people every day. I mean, sharing is caring after all…

Lastly, if you have a design you think would look good on an Apotheosis store shirt, we’d love to put it on one in our new schwag store. Message us a design you can donate and help us sell some shirts!
It’s more clear now that this will be the new norm for the foreseeable future. We’re going to hang in for as long as we can. But with customers like you – we think that will be a long time. Thanks.

Thanks for STILL being the best customers in the multiverse! 


While you’re here here’s a link to our stores where you can show your support! 

Comics: https://shopapotheosiscomics.net
Beer: https://www.stlouiscomicshop.com
Shirts: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/apotheosis-comics