Well, we have no idea if we’re getting new comics this week or not. Our main distributor, Diamond Comics, has sent us vague, confusing and unhelpful emails about what their plans are. Unfortunately – so has Marvel & DC. And, information changes every day and sometimes every hour. There’s a lot of talk – and rumors – about what the future of the industry looks like so we’re all just waiting for the dust to settle so we have a clearer picture of how to move forward. Diamond Comics has committed to begin shipping as soon they can and will hold onto our orders for the time being – or so we’ve been told.

Two bits of good news has come out of this –
1) Smaller publishers are banding together and working to provide local shops with new books. There are a ton of incredible titles out there that maybe will have some time shine without the competition of Marvel and DC. We’re working with them to order titles we think you’ll be interested in.
2)Comic shop owners locally and nationally are banding together to create a supply chain to order books for customers. We all have stock we need to move and while we may not have it – someone somewhere does and we’ll get it for you. In fact, we’ve placed several orders to support local comic book shops around the country and make sure you have what you need for the weeks ahead.

In the meantime we’re organizing our back issues to create runs of comics we think you’ll be interested in and marking them 40% off the cover price. The idea is that while we don’t know if we’re getting new comics you’ll still discover something new you haven’t read before. It’s a great time to discover a new title at dirt cheap and it’s a great way to support the shop in this truly weird time.


We’re going to get through this and come out on the other side different than we were before it started – but so will everyone else and we’re in this together. We’re committed to helping you remember the good guys always win in the end and the best stories always happen when the heroes team up to fight the final boss.

See you soon.


Beer Delivery
Can’t make it to the shop? In fact – WE DON’T WANT YOU AT THE SHOP! Everyone is doing everything they can to flatten the curve by staying home. And, you are doing everything you can by supporting local business by ordering online. To help with that we are now doing home delivery of not only comics but beer, cocktails, snacks and comics!

We’re updating our online drink menu every week with new items we think you’ll have fun trying out. Featured this week is the new Bud Nitro. It’s basically Budweiser with the finish of a Guinness. Check out these instructions:

Visit our online drink store here! 


We’re looking for reviewers!
If you have a book you want other people to read message us a video review either on facebook, or email us a copy at astlcomics@gmail.com and we’ll post it online.

We’re also looking for people who can read comics on our facebook page. If this interests you, shoot us an email and we’ll set up a time and date to have you live-stream from the Apotheosis Comics facebook page!

That’s all we got for you today! See you tomorrow.