Author Joseph Campbell created the concept of the Heroes Journey. It’s a narrative the charts how a scrawny person grows to become a hero of legend and the process they must undergo to achieve that status. After they receive their call to an adventure they seek out training to help them along the way. They meet challenges and overcome each one as they soldier on. Eventually, they are tempted and they fail.

They have to confront their greatest fears head-on and make a choice – do they continue or do they give in. A hero’s quest ends if they choose to quit. But it goes on if they decide to continue.

That decision is their APOTHEOSIS.

That is the point of realization in which a greater understanding is achieved. And, armed with this new knowledge and perception, the hero is resolved and ready for the more difficult part of the adventure.
That’s where we are now – the more difficult part of the adventure. How we move forward is the most perilous path we’ve been on to date.

But we know what we have to do. For the time being, we have to change the way we do business.

Here’s how:
1. First – we’ll be closing the store to customers and doing delivery and curbside drop-offs starting Saturday, March 21st.
2.On top of that, we can also deliver drinks – INCLUDING BEER – and snacks to your door with your comics.
3. We’ll be updating the store website to include all our available food and drink to order for delivery today and hopefully, that will be completed by tomorrow. You can also place orders on Facebook Messenger, email us, or message us on Instagram and Twitter.

In the meantime, if you could pick up your special orders and pull lists that would be a tremendous help! We will be sending out PayPal links to everyone we are holding books for to make it super convenient, then we’ll deliver to your home. If you need anything, we’re here for you, and we mean that. If you need comics – great! But if you just need someone to talk too – we’re here too!

Visit our shop to place your orders here: https://shopapotheosiscomics.net

We’re all in this together – and we got to be a little creative to get through it. Thank you for shopping local and letting us have the best job in the multiverse.
– Martin

TL; DR – Shop is closed to customers tomorrow. We’re doing deliveries now – including beer. Contact us via email or message to place your orders.