Don't call her Lady Thor.

Don't call her Thor Girl.

Jane Foster is THE MIGHTY THOR. 

THUNDER IN HER VIENS collects the first five issues of the Mighty Thor series. What is most striking about this run is the incredibly rich artwork that puts on display Jane's full wide range of emotion while building a deep mythological world. With one toe in the modern world and the other in the Asgardian realm the art work masterfully blends the two together making it more real and dangerous.

This story, written by Jason Aaon (Southern Bastards, Scalped, Ghost Rider, Wolverine and PunisherMAX) puts an agonizing twist on the power of Thor. At the time Jane found mjolnir and was given the power of Thor (dude, that's a whole other story) she was undergoing cancer treatment - and everytime she uses her powers her cancer becomes more aggressive.

Her civilian identity’s impending death also lends a tragic element to the affair. Jason Aaron goes to great lengths to stress that there is no way the magic of Asgard or superhero tech of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes can save Jane. The book has a grounded, human narrative enveloped within Thor‘s usually medieval superhero trappings; would you rather try and live longer at the expense of being alive, or cut short the journey in order to go beat up Frost Giants? Unsurprisingly, the book opts largely for the latter, though it adds nuance to the moments when Jane firmly decides she’s going to fly off with her hammer, cancer be damned.

What readers will love about this volume is how different Jane Foster is from Thor Odinson. While at times she unleashes the typical Thor braggadocio in battle other times she takes the time to listen to her foes and reason with them. Then, of course she beats them to a pulp - but for a time it's refreshing. I mean, it's definitely the villains fault but at least she's trying.

Mixed with incredible art by Russell Dauterman, expressive story telling and an engaging tale by Jason Aaron THE MIGHTY THOR: THUNDER IN HER VEINS is a fresh take on the Thor mythos that you should absolutely pick up the next time you are in the store. 

I'll say I'll give this 5 out of 5 mjolnir strikes. ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️