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Jeff Stevens founded a craft beer company that’s leaving out something major: alcohol.

“I was in the beer marketing business for a long time as the creative director for agencies. But I didn’t drink. I quit drinking when I was 24 years old,” Jeff said.

He got the idea for a non-alcoholic craft brewery from some friends in London.

It’s a big part of the European market and it’s growing over there but it hasn’t quite hit here yet,” he said.

So Jeff and his wife Genevieve Barlow quit their jobs and started Wellbeing Brewing Company.

“A lot of people who go out at night, training for triathlon or designated driver, they have really limited choices in terms of non-alcoholic drinks,” she said.

Only problem, they didn’t know how to brew beer.

“But I knew lots of people who did know how to brew beer,” he said.

They started working with O’Fallon Brewery in Maryland Heights to make-non alcoholic beer for them.

Brian Owens, head brewer for O’Fallon Brewery, said, “We make the beer just like we would normally make. We go through entire fermentation process, end of up with fully finished beer with all of the alcohol in it, and then we use this piece of equipment to distill or basically boil beer to remove alcohol.”

Jeff said, “Most non-alcoholic beers don’t taste like real beer but there is some new technology in Munich, Germany. We bought a special machine from there.”

So how does it taste? Jeff served it to a couple beer lovers to find out what they have to say.

“Refreshing, I’m really shocked how good it is.”

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